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Recent Research


Lyu, C., Jamasb, T., Spanholtz, J. P. G. (2022). The long COVID of Energy Markets and Prices. European Energy & Climate Journal. 11(1): 3-7


Lyu, C. and Huang, L. (2017). The Influence of RMB Internationalization-Speculation and Demonstration Based on NOEM Model. Journal of Regional Financial Research (In Chinese). 2017(01): 47-53

Work in Progress

[1] Carbon and Green bond market hedging: complement or supplement? (with Bert Scholtens)


[2] Corporate Environmental Governance:  A Global Study of Internal Carbon Price (with Chendi Zhang, Pu Yang)

[3] Drivers of Firm-Level Trades in the European Carbon Market: Policy or Financial Factors? 


[4] Receding Hopes: The Disappearing Act of the European Carbon Market and the Resilience of Emissions 

[4] Air pollution and development in Africa- Resource management and civil conflict (with Myriam Marending and Stefano Tripodi).

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