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Chenyan Lyu's main research Interest includes:

Emission Market Design

Energy Economics

Sustaineble Finance

Spatial and Environmental Economics


The International Conference on Sustainability, Environment, and Social Transition in Economics and Finance conference (Southampton-Dec-2023)

Royal Bank of Canada - Global Assets Management Seasonal Report (2023-2024)

Moody's Analytics Office Seminar (Edinburgh-Mar-2023)

​43rd IAEE International Conference (Tokyo-Jul 2022).
29th Young Energy Economists and Engineers Seminar (Belgium-May 2022).
DGPE annual workshop 2021, Danmark (Denmark-Nov 2021​).
The 1st IAEE Online Conference (Jun 2021).
The 16th IAEE European Conference Ljubljana (Slovenia-Aug 2019).
2nd Energy System Integration Conference (UK-Mar 2019).

Grant and Honors

BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants SRG 2023 (10,000 GBP) Sep 2023.
(Principal Investigator: Dr. Chenyan Lyu. Co-investigator: Prof. Chendi Zhang and Dr. Pu Yang)

William Demant Fonden Studieophold Grant, Denmark (9,500 Dkk) May-2022.

Best Student Paper Award, 43rd IAEE International Conference, Japan ($500) Apr-2022.

Otto Mønsteds Fonden Travel Grant, Denmark (15,000 Dkk) Apr-2022.

Augustinus Fonden Travel Grant, Denmark (15,000 Dkk) Mar-2022.

Skill-course funding, PhD School, Copenhagen Business School (30,000 Dkk) Jul-2021.

Excellent leader, Beijing Forestry University (1%) 2016-2017.

Scholarship of outstanding personal achievements, Beijing Forestry University (1%) 2016-2017.

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