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About Me.

Dr. Chenyan Lyu

Research Fellow at 
Exeter Sustainable Finance Centre (ECF)
Department of Finance and Accounting
University of Exeter Business School

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Research Interest

Chenyan is deeply engrossed in the field of Environmental & Energy Economics and Sustainable Finance with her research primarily gravitating towards emission-trading market design, policy analysis, and time-series modelling. Recognizing the urgency of climate change, she emphasizes the significance of cost-effective mitigation strategies, such as carbon pricing. Her current studies delve into the intricate external and internal carbon pricing mechanisms and their implications.

As industries transition towards more sustainable practices, Chenyan is keenly interested in exploring the realm of sustainable finance. She's currently probing how internal carbon pricing can influence a company's profitability, indicating the vital intertwining of environmental responsibility and economic viability.

Furthermore, she is intrigued by the potential interplay between the green bond market and the carbon market. Her investigations aim to decipher whether these markets act as complements or substitutes for each other, shedding light on their roles in promoting a greener economy.

A substantial part of her research also encompasses the local impacts of emissions trading. The possible repercussions, such as cost pass-through and carbon leakage, require critical analysis to minimize adverse human, environmental, and economic consequences stemming from the emissions allowance allocation process.

Lastly, through in-depth, quantitative studies, Chenyan seeks to understand the local environmental impacts, especially those stemming from the spatial and temporal distribution of emission allowances. This holistic approach ensures her research is both comprehensive and relevant in today's environmentally conscious landscape.



Doctor of Philosophy (Economics)
Copenhagen Business School, DK

PhD Fellow at the Department of Economics, Copenhagen Business School. Employed as a Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant by Copenhagen School of Energy Infrastructure (CSEI). 

2018-2019 (Transfered to CBS)

Doctor of Philosophy (Economics)

Durham University, UK

Department of Economics, Durham Business School &  Durham Energy Institute.


MSc in Finance

University of Southampton, UK

Southampton Business School, Faculty of Social Sciences

BSc in Forestry and Agriculture

Beijing Forestry University, China


Exchange Student at the University of California at Berkeley in 2016

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